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Love & Support Art

An initiative aiming to help artists grow, boost the arts industry and local economy

Introducing a One-of-a-Kind Program to Celebrate and Empower Talented Artists

Our innovative program aims to promote and support our gifted artists by showcasing their artworks, workshops, performances, and more. The proceeds from these sales will be channeled into funding art projects and activities, starting with our first Art Exhibition, in preparation at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)!

Bringing Art Lovers Together...

Through this program, we are able to bring in talented established, emerging, as well as disabled artists together on a platform to showcase their talents.

Not only that, we also took a step further to partner up with several Art Associations, Galleries and Corporations to bring in more value to the program.


How can this program help boost the arts industry and local economy?

As you can see here, the program was carefully thought through and created with the aim to bring in a fresh perspective and raise the arts industry higher.

Our hope is that this program will serve as an eco-system that will help support our artists growth in the long run, boost the arts industry and the economy altogether.

*All the works we’ve done so far for this project – from the program development, promotions and even the upcoming KLIA art exhibition, is at zero cost to artists


Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) Love & Support Art and Our Artists Too!

MAHB has graciously provide us a space to showcase some of our finest artists artworks.

Hence, the ‘Love & Support Art’ program will kickstart its first Art Exhibition project together with MAHB at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). It will be an art exhibition like no other!

Works for the Art Exhibition is in preparation. Stay tune for our updates. 


We Love You Too!

Get the ‘I Love & Support Art’ digital badge when you purchase any of the artworks on this website. Proudly display it on your social media and anywhere you want  because we love you too.

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