Ascending Freedom


Artist: Norshafika Shahira binti Shahidon
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Size: 91.4cm x 91.4cm
Year: 2022


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About The Artwork

“Ascending Freedom” presents textured mountains, richly bronze against a backdrop of sky blue and sun-kissed mist. A multitude of towering peaks symbolizes freedom and the relentless pursuit of new heights. The fusion of colours and textures resonates with an unyielding spirit, inviting viewers to soar beyond their boundaries and savour the boundless adventure of life.

Other Details

This is an original painting.
Painting does not come with frame.
Colour may slightly differ when viewed on different screens.
© Images here are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Meet The Artist

Norshafika Shahira binti Shahidon

Norshafika Shahira, known as Shera, seamlessly weaves her real estate career with a lifelong love for art that began in her childhood. Despite her work in real estate, Shera has always had a strong passion for art, inspired by the beauty of the world. The pandemic pushed her to explore her artistic side even more, leading to her debut at Artist’s Corner (now known as Artists’ Corner Art Gallery) in 2022.

Shera finds inspiration in nature, especially mountains, symbolizing strength, resilience,
serenity, and peace. What makes her art stand out is her skilful use of texture, inviting viewers to not only visually experience but also physically engage with her creations. These textures mirror life’s complexities, portraying the highs and lows and the emotions that colour our experiences.

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Dimensions 95 × 95 × 10 cm

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