Rahsia Samudera #02


Artist: Zaim Durulaman
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 92cm x 92cm
Year: 2018


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About The Artwork

Secret of the Ocean

Al-Quran is the greatest miracle that has been revealed by Allah SWT which serves as a guide for mankind. There is no doubt that it even goes hand-in-hand with today’s human-dominated technology. There are 32 verses that talk about the sea in the Quran. The findings of science about the ocean, it turns out, have been expressed in the Al-Quran since 15 centuries ago. For example, surah An Nahl (16) verse 14 which reads:
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Other Details

This is an original painting.
Painting does not come with frame.
Colour may slightly differ when viewed on different screens.
© Images here are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Meet The Artist

One cannot but admire Zaim’s work even by the sheer laborious and intricate details in his pieces that synergize figurative and abstract elements in perfect harmony. The inner dialogue he develops within himself seems personal and esoteric but yet invites others to interpret and share the journey, a term he affectionately uses when referring to his exploration.

Zaim Durulaman (born 1966) started to sketch comics for personal collection during his secondary school years. With a passion for painting and becoming an illustrator, he enrolled at Institute Technology Mara (now UiTM) 1984-1988, majoring in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, he worked as a graphic designer for two years before becoming a full-time freelance illustrator. He became a full-time artist since 1990. It was not after 1996 that he began his illustrious career in fine arts, and won several painting competitions. In 2013, he pursued a Master Degree in Fine Arts Technology at UiTM. A talented artist in using various media, he has participated in local and international exhibitions in countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Türkiye, Tunisia, London, Dubai and Latvia. His works are featured in museums, corporate companies, banks and private collections around the world.
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Dimensions 97 × 97 × 10 cm

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