The Swamp


Artist: Janet Lee
Medium: Acrylic on reuse canvas
Size: 90cm x 60cm


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About The Artwork

With her unique strokes, she portrays the serene waters, lush greenery, and the lovely ecosystem of our wetlands.

Other Details

This is an original painting.
Painting does not come with frame.
Colour may slightly differ when viewed on different screens.
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Meet The Artist

Janet Lee

Late Artist Janet Lee (1989 – 2023)
A Legacy of Resilience and Inspiration

The vivid patterns and unique sense of colour that danced across the canvases of International Artist Janet Lee were not just artistic expressions but a testament to a spirit that knew no bounds. Diagnosed early with intractable epilepsy and intellectual challenges, Janet turned what many saw as barriers into stepping stones. With the mantra “being normal is boring,” she lived her life as a shining example of being “perfectly imperfect.”

Throughout her lifetime, Janet’s remarkable journey was a beacon of hope, determination, and inspiration, touching countless hearts across Malaysia, Singapore, and beyond. Her accolades, including the Young Inspiring Woman Award in 2021, the NFT Superstars Award in April 2022, and the Highly Commendable Award by the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) in June this year, stand as testament to her indomitable spirit and far-reaching impact on the epilepsy community.
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Dimensions 90 × 60 × 10 cm

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